Collaborative Project Management

The primary goal of project management is to plan, organize, secure and manage multiple resources, while maintaining budgets and completing projects on time. To achieve project success, teams need to have the ability to share knowledge, collaborate smoothly and to be able to quickly adjust to project changes and updates.

Microsoft SharePoint connects people across the enterprise to interactively work on project artifacts and deliverables. It helps project manager to monitor performance, visualize trends, manage risks and identify investment gaps.

Microsoft SharePoint

  • Team Collaboration

    Team members interactively work on project artifacts & deliverables.

  • Business Intelligence

    Project manager access to key performance indicators in one view.

  • Talent Profiles

    Project Manager access to enterprise talent profiles to seek for subject-matter expert’s consultation.

  • Content Management

    Team members interactively work on digital contents and knowledge sharing.

  • Governance

    Automated process & policy governance by workflow engine.

Project Management

  • Initiation

    PM develop Business Case, Feasibility Study, Project Charter, and Team Formation.

  • Planning

    PM create plans for Project, Resource, Financial, Quality, Risk, Acceptance, Communications, Procurement, and Suppliers Contract.

  • Execution

    Team Members build Project Deliverables and Progress Reporting.

  • Monitor & Control

    PM manage project's Time, Cost, Quality, Change, Risk, Issue, Procurement, Acceptance, and Communications.

  • Closure

    PM perform Project Closure and review Project Completion.